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Status Column

I am looking to add a 'status' column on the staff and client ticket lists.

How can this be done?


  • This thread ought to point you in the right direction:
  • Mod - Add ticket status to the Agent panel ticket list  - OSticket 1.9.12
    File ../include/staff/
    Step 1. Starts around original Line 379  - Add the following in RED
    <th width="100">
    <a <?php echo $status_sort; ?> href="tickets.php?sort=status&order=<?php echo $negorder;?><?php echo $qstr; ?>"
    title="<?php echo sprintf(__('Sort by %s %s'), __('Status'), __($negorder)); ?>"><?php echo __('Status');?></a></th>
    if($search && !$status) { ?>
    Step 2. Starts around original Line 485 - Add <td...  in RED
    <td nowrap>&nbsp;<?php echo Format::htmlchars(
    Format::truncate($row['name'], 22, strpos($row['name'], '@'))); ?>&nbsp;</td>
    <td nowrap>&nbsp;<?php echo $row['status']; ?>&nbsp;</td>

    Step 3. Starts around original Line 507  - change the colspan="7" to "8" in RED
    <td colspan="8">
    <?php if($res && $num && $thisstaff->canManageTickets()){ ?>
    <?php echo __('Select');?>:&nbsp;
    <a id="selectAll" href="#ckb"><?php echo __('All');?></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <a id="selectNone" href="#ckb"><?php echo __('None');?></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <a id="selectToggle" href="#ckb"><?php echo __('Toggle');?></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <?php }else{
    echo '<i>';
    echo $ferror?Format::htmlchars($ferror):__('Query returned 0 results.');
    echo '</i>';
    } ?>

  • Great. Works fantastically. Column shows up on staff controll panel and orders when clicking header.

    Now how do I get colours like the priority column?
  • Hello! 
    I am new to using the OS Ticketing System.  I know that I am using version 1.9.12.  and I have been assigned to the task of adding a "status" column so my colleagues will know where we are at with handling a specific task. Are the directions listed applicable to the version I am using?  I am not a developer so I will be passing the information on to someone who is, I thought these instructions were helpful but not sure if it was the right set for the version I'm using.   

  • Yes, that is the same version I made the changes in.
  • Hello! Ok good to know.  Thank you for the information.  I appreciate it!

  • Small addition; to center the text in the status column:

    Replace (in previous step 2)

    <td nowrap>&nbsp;<?php echo $row['status']; ?>&nbsp;</td>


    <td style="text-align:center;" nowrap>&nbsp;<?php echo $row['status']; ?>&nbsp;</td>

  • Also to do header alignment; in prvious step 1:


    <th width="100">


     <th style="text-align:center;"  width="100">
  • ok.  I will add these steps to my instructions.  Thanks for including me!  I appreciate it.  
  • Can you please share your file please?
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