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Staff Dashboard Statistics


I am trying to create a user for a senior member of staff who manages all the departments

However, although this user has access to all departments, the user cannot see stats. I have tried giving full admin permissions but no luck. It works fine for my user and another admin.

There is no text showing in statistics under the tabs for Department / topics / Agents but the graph above works fine.


  • By "user" you mean "agent" right?

    Check their group and ensure that "Can View Agent Stats" is checked.
  • Yes I mean agent.

    This option is already checked.
  • edited May 2016
    I'm seeing the same problem. I have an Agent that is not an admin, but has access to "Can View Agent Stats" and they do not see the statistics under the tabs for Department / Topics / Agents. They do see the graph above though. I am running version v1.9.12 (19292ad)
  • if you are both running the same version and are seeing the same thing then it sounds like 1.9.12 has a bug in it that should probably get reported to github.

  • Can't log a bug right now :( github is blocked at work for some reason)??
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