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Autoreply when create ticket by mail not work

Hello Guys, 

I  recently have installed de 1.9.12 version of OS ticket, but when a client create a ticket by  mail they never receive the confirmation than that ticket has created, but if the same client creates a ticket by web he receive the confirmation by mail, we tried different configuration, and this was working perfectly in the previous 1.8  version.

Im Using 
Centos 7 
Osticket 1.9.12

Thank you and regards 


  • So... there is no "de 1.9.12 version of OS ticket".
    There is a 1.9.12 version.  There is also many language packs that you can install. 
    But there is no "de 1.9.12".  So before I point you to similar threads, or anything else please confirm that you downloaded osTicket and the language pack(s) from 

  • an the end we test al the way and its gmail who blocks the autoresponder when a user tries to open a ticket by mail, but if he create the ticket on the web the message its the same and its not blocked, its not a problem with os ticket is with gmail and with all the clients using google apps.

    I Check the templates and the web creation and the e mail creation autoresponder its the same template, so I don't know  what is triggering that google discard one and not the another, have you any suggestions?

    The version is what you mention 1.9.12 and the language pack is Spanish downloaded from

    thank you for your time and regards 
  • I've asked the devs to take a peek at this.
  • I'm experencing this issue, as well. 1.9.12. Not in Junk folder, either.
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