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SMS Alerts - A must have feature

I used OSTICKET on my lab testing. It's a real fantastic piece of coding.
The only 'must have feature' is sending SMS to user upon Ticket locking and resolving. Because nowa days SMS are more convenient for user end.
Example if user end internet line is broken, and he logged complains from another computer or call and agent lock his complains, then a confirmation should be sent to user.

Is there any way we can query PHONE NUMBER from mysql query? I dont see any easy way to fine the table and link it with teh actual username etc.



  • Thank you for the suggestion.
  • Yes, I agreed without SMS sending features should be include in the Osticket system to have better working for including this feature one can use MSG91 dot com . For integrating SMS API that available in different computer languages.
  • Why not send the alert to the email equivalent of the sms receipient?
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