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Vi.phar language package doesn't work

I installed the Vi.phar package as the instruction (upload to include/i18n). Then the Vi language icon showed up on the main page and I can select Vietnamese in my language preference. But that's all, when I selected Vietnamese, everything's still English, nothing changes. Please advise how to make Vietnamese actually shows up.
Thank you.


  • Version of osTicket?
    After you installed and enabled the language pack, did you go to your preferences and change your language?
  • edited March 2016
    Version 1.9.12.
    Yes, I selected in the preferences and also tried to click on the flag icon as well. Please see my attached image. Still English.


  • The multilingual feature is not complete at this time.  If I remember correctly 1.10 will push it to stage 4 of 5. and 1.9.12 is stage 3 of 5.  Adding a language pack after the fact does not change a whole lot in 1.9.12 you would have to add it at time of install and pick it as the default language if you want it to be the primary language. [this is supposed to be changing with a future release].  That being said you should see changes in the ui after its installed, activated, and chosen.  If you see nothing then you should consult your PHP error log and see if there are errors being logged.

    Part of that is the Admin panel -> Manage -> Pages -> Landing Page.  So you would have to translate that.

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