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Require email verification checkbox not working

This is a feature we rely on, but only lately discovered it has not been working.
We're at and checking the changelog, this issue doesn't seem to be addressed.

The issue specifically is that no matter if this box is unchecked, users are being required to get an email and verify. The problem is that there are always users whose email systems cannot get email from us for various reasons.

Anyone know a fix for this? A search did not turn anything up.


  • is old.  Current is 1.9.12 please upgrade and re-test.

    It is my understanding that:
    Whether or not a user has to register is controlled by the "Registration Required" required.
    Client Quick Access controls if they have to use a link to get to their tickets or if they can just log in and see them.
  • Has anyone solved this?

    Require registration and login to create tickets - not checked
    Registration Method - Public
    Client Quick Access - not checked

    OSTicket is current.
    Clients used to be able to create an account without being forced to get an email.
    What do we do?
    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • To my knowledge Users/Clients have never been able to create an account without an email address...
  • Has anyone ever solved this?

    ntozier, the client is entering an email address. The issue is that their account is locked until the confirm an email which they never get, for any list of reasons.

    That is the point of this checkbox - they should be allowed access without clicking in a confirmation email.

    It used to work. Anyone have it working in the current version(s)?

  • Have you upgraded?
    There have been several releases since you posted about this.
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