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Adding a filter action

We're currently using OST

Many of our tickets are generated from email messages that come from our various websites. These messages are then forwarded to our customer service email account and they are then pulled into OST. In order to allow better identification we are adding a site code to the subject line of new emails as they are created. We also want to automatically populate the custom site code field we use in the new tickets. How can I add a filter action based on our custom field?



  • I think that you will find that once 1.10 is released that this will be a lot easier to accomplish.
  • @ntozier, any idea when that may be? :)
  • I expected it 5 days ago.  So no.
  • Hi all,

    we've just installed the latest beta release (v1.10-rc.2) on our testing environment. We cannot find a way to filter tickets and change a custom field as action. Will this be implemented into the final release?

    We do need to filter out tickets coming through e-mail from our clients so we can automatically assign those ticket a "country" and "company" field value.

  • I would think that "country" and "company" fields would be user fields and should be applied to the user, not a ticket...  But to answer your question I don't know.  We'll of course find out once the new version is out.
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