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[resolved] How to have Unique link to open ticket which related to unique Help topic

Hi, Osticket team,

   We have many apartments in the company, in each apartment website we want to have a Unique  link to open a ticket which relate to their apartment help topic. 
For example.
 we have Voice ,TV,Satellite apartment,  How to have more URL link for those different apartments application,instead of go to the default open.php page to select the  Help Topic. 

 I am able to create a custom form which link to their own apartment. we can create Voice,TV,Satellite help topic.
The problem is that we have to have different URL links for them to open a ticket.

Thank you so much 

Li Bing


  • I do not see a question.
  • What you want to achieve is currently not possible within osTicket, but the new version 1.10 (once released) will allow to select a helptopic via a special URL parameter, but as far as I know only for end users and not for agents.
  • Thank you Chefkeks,
     So for now, we have to ask our agents to open ticket in the open.php  to select the help topic.
    That is the only solution now. Is there a way to make custom open.php page which make the  help topic as default ? 
    Is it possible ? 

    Thank you . 

  • You can set a systemwide default help topic under Admin Panel > Settings > Ticket, but as you initially asked for a unique link for each help topic I'm not sure if I read your post correctly recently. So just to be clear, do you want
    a) the possibility to pre-select a help topic via an unique URL or
    b) an unique page for each help topic, so that customers/users from different companies/departments only see their help topics, but not the help topics of others or
    c) something else?

  • I think it belongs to selection "a" has a pre-selected  help topic which relate to a specific apartment or topic with a unique URI. 
    In this case, we can put this URI as a link in their website  and the apartment can go to this URI page to report their problem. Instead of going to this same open.php page and choose selection,so it has more steps for them. 

    Thank you

    Li Bing

  • Ok, then I can confirm that this will come with 1.10 which isn't released yet, but the devs said it should be by end of January. Not sure if they'll keep that timeline, but anyway, 1.10 is not far, so just be little bit patient or apply that patch manually:

  • Thank you , Michael, 

    I found the solution , it is great to have the URL for help topic.After I update the code in include/client/ 
    when I search : http://localhost/osticket/open.php?topicId=3, it still be the default. In order to know which is the help topic id, I have to go the database table to see which is the id for each help topic .
    Finially, I get what I am looking for.
    Good job ,guys, 

    Li Bing

  • You also can see the id in the url when you edit a help topic in the admin panel ;)

    Great it works for you :)
    Can I close this discussion and mark it as resolved?

  • I can see the topic ID in in the link. That is right. 

    YES, you can close this ticket.  

    The best team I have never seen.

    One  thousand Thanks 

    Li Bing
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