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How To call Function getLastRespondent() into local

I want to name of staff the respondent current ticket by row in home page 

function getLastRespondent() {

        $sql ='SELECT  resp.staff_id '
             .' FROM '.TICKET_THREAD_TABLE.' resp '
             .' LEFT JOIN '.STAFF_TABLE. ' USING(staff_id) '
             .' WHERE  resp.ticket_id='.db_input($this->getId()).' AND resp.staff_id>0 '
             .'   AND  resp.thread_type IN ("R","N")'
             .' ORDER BY resp.created DESC LIMIT 1';

        if(!($res=db_query($sql)) || !db_num_rows($res))
            return null;


        return Staff::lookup($id);

[Loop While display Row Ticket on home page]

<td nowrap >
<?php echo $ticket->getLastRespondent(); ?></td>   <<<< not work 

echo sprintf('<td>%s</td>',$ticket->getLastRespondent());  <<<< not work 

Example call function it WORK 




echo sprintf('
            <th width="100">'.__('Ticket State').':</th>
<th width="100">'.__('Last Response').':</th>
<td>%s by %s</td>

Thank you Every Body Answer 


  • Last column name "Last Respondent"
  • Sorry... but I have no idea what you are asking.
    What page are you referring to as the "home page"?

  • Oh..Sorry .. I meaning Back-end/Staff-side 
    URL referen : osticket/scp/tickets.php 
  • So you want to add a column to the open ticket queue.

    This thread ought to point you in the right direction:
  • [Resolve] [Solution for Osticket Offline... It's Work for me]

    Add line 457-465
    // query thread
    $sql ='SELECT resp.staff_id'
    .' FROM '.TICKET_THREAD_TABLE.' resp '
    .' LEFT JOIN '.STAFF_TABLE. ' USING(staff_id) '
    .' WHERE resp.ticket_id = '.$row['ticket_id'].' AND resp.staff_id>0 '
    .' AND resp.thread_type IN ("R","N")'
    .' ORDER BY resp.created DESC LIMIT 1 ';

    Add line 608-615
    <!--Last Responded->
    return null;
    <td align="center" nowrap><?php echo Staff::lookup($id) ; ?></td>
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