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time accounting?

edited October 2013 in Suggestions and Feedback
Dear osTicket,

Is there a way to log the time it took to complete a task/ticket? I mean only one value in hours or minutes when closing it.

For us, it's the only critical feature that's missing - unless I haven't found it :D It serves for estimates used in project management.

BTW, I can't believe all the improvements you made from version 1.6.1! Great work! :)



  • I would love this feature as well.
  • Time taken

    I've been poking around in 1.7RC4 and managed to get a modified version of this mod to work for time taken.
  • Amazing

    I think so that it would be so helpfull to get a count of spent hours.

    I´ve been looking for an open source ticket support system, and seems like there is no ticket software with time count.

    I hope you finally add this feature.
  • I'm really surprised how low number of users would like to know how much time did they spend on some ticket or there is another way to know that?

    Time log is the most important thing that we are looking for in ticket system.

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