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Changing label-text: file form.yaml vs. table osticket_form_field

withi our setup, incoming tickets are so far only mail-to-ticket. We also open tickets ourselves and therefore want wo change the label text for the ticket details from
"Issue Details" to "E-Mail-Betreff".
First we found the corresponding text in the language files in the form.yaml. Changes in this file had no effect.
Second we found the text in the db-table xxx_form_field. Changes immediately took place.

What I would like to understand is, when and how the table gets rebuild; or more specific wether we shall change both the file and the table or if changes in the table are sufficient and e.g. will survive future updates.

Thank you



  • I have no idea.  I have avoided the incomplete multi-language features because they are not finished.
  • I think it is not about the language.

    It is about creating ticket by e-mail. So... it is needed to be investigated.
  • And you think that because?

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