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Change Colour of Tickets with Reply OR Internal Note

I have added the following code to SCP.CSS. This changes the Colour of Tickets in the Open Tickets Q, without any Reply Posted, to Red. 

/* CSS TO Highlight tickets not responded to*/
.ticketPreview b{
background: rgb(255, 226, 231);
color: rgb(174, 0, 0);
display: inline-block;
padding: 3px;

If only an Internal Note has been posted, the Ticket still displays in Red. I would like to change this, so that if EITHER a Reply OR an Internal Note is posted on a Ticket, that it is not seen as "Un-answered". Basically, if the user has posted anything on the Ticket, it should no longer be Red/Bold.

Alternatively, I would like to show tickets with a Reply in one colour, and tickets with an Internal Note in another colour....


  • FOR 1.10.1

    What: change the thread list unread indicator. From previous bold only to "Red Bold"
    File: \include\staff\

    if(!strcasecmp($T['status__state'],'open') && !$T['isanswered'] && !$T['lock__staff_id']) {
                        $tid=sprintf('<font color="red"><b>%s</b></font>',$tid);

  • @tong2x please do not be a necromancer.
    This thread is from 2015 and not version 1.10+
    Killing zombie thread with a headshot.
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