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Multiple language : need/want different content for page and email

edited November 2015 in General Discussions

I use v1.9.12 (19292ad) last stable version on a debian 7 server.
ACtually : i have an installation with fr_FR, user can set language to fr or en : great.

But even if user was set to en : page content and email take the fr settings. I don't found a way to have different string for english and french (and other language if needed).

My client is 50/50 : 50% french and 50% not french. I like to have different sentence for each language set by user. Is this actully possibe with core or with a plugin ?
If not : did there are a project in develop release for this (in plugin and/or core).

Thanks :)

PS : seems have a workaround for email : none for page content


  • The multilanguage feature is in phase II of IV for that version.  the new forth coming version 1.10 is phase III.  You will likely have to wait until it's released for that.
  • Hi ntozier :is in osTicket v1.10-RC.2 ? If yes , i go to it ;) for testing bug reporting ;)
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