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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

DMT Free Responsive Theme "Extended Basic | Great Pumpkin" Stable 1.0 for osTicket 1.9.12


Great Pumpkin is on the way!

We are proud to present the stable version of our free responsive theme "Extended Basic".
It's codename is "Great Pumpkin" - guess why...

It's fully responsive and works fine on desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones!

Here you can see it live and feel free to register and gambling around.
The database will be reset once a day between 9.00 and 12.00 am.

Here you can download the actual version:

Have a nice scarry night,



  • Looks great.
    Under which license is it released?
  • It's released under GNU/GPL v3. We updated the download package, with all necessary informations.
  • edited November 2015

    Update Version 1.0.1 | 20151101

    ### CHANGED : Footer is fully responsive now
    ### CHANGED : Ticket overview is optimized for small devices, only ticketnumber and subject are visible

    Live Preview | Download | Download Password: GREATPUMPKIN
  • edited November 2015
    great theme, many thanks!

    I have a question about how to call new variables in Forms. In my case, I added new variables on "Contact Information" form but I can't call this variable in email template.


    I tested 


    but no works for me.

    ¿Can you help me?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Awesome! Thanks. 
  • How do I change the "check ticket status" to admin login? 

    I know how to point it in the right direction but can't seem to find where I can edit the nav. 

  • @habeas: This is not depending on the theme and the wrong place. Please ask a moderator to move this in the correct topic. Maybe this little hints would be a help:

    1. The correct placeholder for your fields is

    2. Using the little yellow question mark, gives you a lot of hints and solutions. ;o) See the attached file

    Best regards,


    I like very much your theme. I still thinking it would be great to fix this layout issue on mobile view. 
    Reactor menu moving when you scrolling ticket. 
    Also it would be grate if can use same reactor features as using for support agent. 


  • edited November 2015
    @mahnerd85: Thanks for your positive feedback!

    Do you mean the link of the modul on the landing page? Than this is the solution: You have to edit line 106 and 147 of the index.php in your root directory. At the moment the behaviour is, if a customer is logged in, he will be redirected to his ticket overview page (include > client > tickets.php). If he isn't logged in, he will be directed to login/registration page (include > client > login.php). Hope this will help you!

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them. It would be helpful, if can more specify (which page? which section? etc.) your problem and maybe attach a screenshot.

    Best regards,
  • Awesome, that is exactly what I was looking for. 

    Can you provide the instructions on how to change the navigation in the nav bar at the top of the page? I would like to change that as well. 
  • @mahnerd85: Changing the navigation bar is a little bit tricky, because the first links are generated dynamically from the lines 170 - 175 in header (include > client >

                            if($nav && ($navs=$nav->getNavLinks()) && is_array($navs)){
                            foreach($navs as $name =>$nav) {
                            echo sprintf('<li><a class="%s %s" href="%s">%s</a></li>%s',$nav['active']?'active':'',$name,(ROOT_PATH.$nav['href']),$nav['desc'],"\n");
                        } ?>

    If you have a look at the following lines you can see the code how to generate static links depending on the visitor state (guest or user). Remove the lines 170 - 175 and replace it with your code. I think it's not a good idea to change to much basic core files. These will cause troubles with the next update...

    Best regards,
  • @amitsolanki22: I can reproduce this bug on some creepy android phones. There's no quick solution, because the reactor editor came to front if it touches the first time the upper border. Changing the z-index for the navbar and content container has no effect. We will have a look at it and will fix it with the next update. On most android and iOS the behaviour is complete normal. Thanks for your hint, Jürgen
  • @DMTGMBH Thanks and forgive me. I thought this feature was implemented by you and because of that i posted on this thread.

    Unfortunately, it still does not work for me. I'll post in Troubleshooting and Problems forum.

    Thanks for all and thanks for your awesome theme!


    Thanks for all your help. I really just want to add a link for the admin login. Shouldn't have to go to 3 pages just to get the admin login. I was easy to add a static link in the regular version of osticket. But I like your theme so much it really doesn't matter. =] 

  • @mahnerd85: If you like a link in the navigation bar to the admin section, please insert the following code in line 176 in header (include > client >

    <li><a href="<?php echo ROOT_PATH; ?>scp/"> <?php echo __('Admin'); ?></a></li>

    Ensure, that you are inserting after the php closing tag ("?>") and before the php opening tag ("<?php").
    This will help you, Jürgen

    Dude, thanks so much. I'm super impressed with this theme and your support!
  • Also, have you considered making an admin login page that carries your design? 
  • We are working on a fully responsive backend theme for osTicket 1.9.12 and 1.10, too. I hope we will publish the first release within two weeks.

    I can't wait to see it.

    Thanks for all of your help!
  • Wow, that'd be great! Looking forward to testing it.


    Marvin M
  • Looks good! My only concern is that a lot of screen real estate is used for the Support Center and nav bar. I prefer a more compact version like what fab themes uses (, which like the default osticket still renders well on smaller screens like an iPad. Can your theme be modified to move the nav bar to the top?
  • image

    Update Version 1.0.2 | 20151103

    With this version you can use the "Other Pages" as a small CMS. Every page you create with the type "other" will be added to the section "info" in the navbar and to a footer menu. If you don't have pages with the type "other", these menus are not visible. Have fun, Jürgen

    ### CHANGED : Header logo is only visible on large pages
    ### CHANGED : Optimized header and navbar for mobile devices
    ### CHANGED : Created new function for other pages in > include >
    ### SOLVED  : Redactor Editor is now behind the navbar while scrolling
    ### ADDED   : Top navbar get a menu for active other pages
    ### ADDED   : Footer menu for active other pages

    Live Preview | Download | Download Password: GREATPUMPKIN

    @Habeas: this version solves the problem with redactor
    @NaturalNine: maybe this version is right for you
  • It's nice to see you like our theme.

    I checked at this moment the download stats
    and we have reached

    over 250 downloads.

    Enjoy it!
  • Update Version | 20151103

    Today a bug was announced by an user. User defined forms are not displayed while creating a ticket. We have already fixed this bug and updated all download packages. We have also updated our live preview, create a ticket with the topic "General Problem / Error" and you see the custom form loading. Alternativ you can download this fix separately under the following link:

    Live Preview | Download only fix | Download Password: PUMPKINFIX1
  • @DMTGMBH: Thank you for making this theme available. I am very impressed with the work you have done here.

    Like mahnerd85 I would like to apply the theme to the admin log in page as it is visible on the client facing side of the site.  Is there an easy way for me to accomplish this be editing the source file(s) for the admin login page?  Please let me know either way.  Thanks again!

  • edited November 2015
    @Winnie: If you like to insert a link to the client page on the admin login panel, please open "include > staff
    > login.tpl.php"

    go to line 39-40 and replace
    <div id="copyRights"><?php echo __('Copyright'); ?> &copy;
    <a href='' target="_blank"></a></div>

    with this code
    <div id="copyRights"><?php echo __('Copyright'); ?> &copy;
    <a href='' target="_blank"></a><br>
    <a href="<?php echo ROOT_PATH; ?>"> <?php echo __('Client Sign-In Page'); ?></a></div>

    Best regards,

    Ensure, that you are inserting after the php closing tag ("?>") and before the php opening tag ("<?php").
    This will help you, Jürgen
  • @DMTGMBH, thank you for the quick reply. I made a mistake in my previous post. Rather than an admin page, I was looking for the ability to style the agent login page using the Bootstrap template rather than have it render in the default osTicket style (see attached).  This way all pages the client can get to from the site (even if they are not authorized agents) would be styled the same.  Is there a simple way for me to accomplish this?  Thanks again for your help! 
  • @Winnie: As annouced some days ago, we are working on a fully responsive theme for the admin section, too. Please be patient and stay cool, the first release is on the horizon...
  • edited November 2015

    Update Version 1.0.3 | 20151103

    With this version we introduced "Footer Pages". Now you can create individual pages, which are published in the footer. The only thing you have to do is: choose type "footer" in the admin pages section. In combination with the "Other Pages" you have now two places for your individual content. Additional we added special character, accent und umlauts support for page names and urls.

    With this version all features, we had in mind, are now integrated,
    upcoming versions are only bug and security fixes. Have fun, Jürgen

    ### CHANGED: pages > index.php​ | for footer pages
    ### CHANGED: include > class.format.php | function slugify($text)
    ### ADDED: include >​ | getActiveFooterPages()
    ​### ADDED: include > | getActiveOtherPages()
    ### CHANGED: include > staff >​ | included Footer Pages
    ### CHANGED: include > staff >​ | included Footer Pages
    ### ADDED : Support for special characters in page names and urls
    ### ADDED : New pages type footer
    ### ADDED : Footer Navigation Bar

    Live Preview | Download | Download Password: GREATPUMPKIN
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