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Batch user registration & set password?


I'm very new to OSTicket.  I've have just imported a csv list of 300 names and email addresses - ok so far.  I'd now like to register them all, set a default password and force a new password to be set for all users.  Is this possible to do?  SQL hack?   I don't want users to go through the registration process manually - just login and go.




  • I guess a SQL hack is the best approach here.

    I'd recommend to backup everything before you do something or set up a test system and try it there before do ruin the live system ;)
  • hello guys can you please help me on importing 700+ users and with default password like ´ABCabc123´. i need to have a code for osticket 1.9.15.

  • If you have that many users, why not use a domain environment and then use LDAP? Just curious.
  • The easiest way to do this would probably be:
    Go Agent panel -> Users.
    Click Import.

    Once you've done that change one of users the passwords to what you want it to be.
    Open your DB using a third party viewer and copy the encrypted password.
    Update the users using that password.

    You should back up your DB before you muck around in it.

    The SQL query would be something like:
    UPDATE ost_user_account SET passwd='<yourEncryptedPassword>' WHERE passwd != '<yourEncryptedPassword>'

    NOTE: that query will set the password of EVERY USER AND AGENT in your system to be the same thing.  This is not a good idea from a security or any standpoint.  We do not recommend doing something like this.
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