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Show open, unanswered, tickets by Department

Hi All,

We're using osTicket to provide support to several departments.  I have Departments set up.

Is there a way to show a list of Open tickets that are unanswered, grouped by Departments?

I'm coming from Kayako's eSupport/Resolve and they have this.  Without it, it would be very difficult to work efficiently for us.

Any insight appreciated.

TIA - Vijay


  • I don't think this is possible they way you want it, but upcoming custom queues feature will have the possibility to customized the columns of the ticket queues and more - so in the future it will then be possible, but that does not help you currently.

    You could trigger the option (Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets)
    Assigned Tickets: Exclude assigned tickets from open queue. 
    That way the department name is shown instead of the assignee, but all assigned tickets are then hidden from the open queue.
  • Thanks Chefkeks ( if that is your real name ).

    For now we'll use the Advanced Search to filter by Department.  Would be nice to have another filter for Not Answered to put with it.

    Thanks - V

  • Very welcome and great idea with the advanced search (somehow forgot that).

    (my real name, but Chefkeks is also ok ;) )
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