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Mistake with output

Hi all, see on screenshot.
How can i fix it?


osticket: 1.9.7 (i;m update version after 1.10 version go on stable)
php 5.4
mysql 5.5

Thnx 4 help!


  • and the "mistake with output" would be?
  • @ntozier, in last column (\u0411\u0435\u0441\u043f\u043b\u0430\u0442\). Before this bug, it was readable text look like: Бесплатная or Платная. Yesterday output value are broken =(
  • Anybody help me to fix it.....
  • What column is that?  I see the column but since its not in English I can't really compare it to my installation.  I can say however that I do not have a similar problem exporting tickets with my 1.9.7 or 1.10rc2 installs.
  • @ntozier, it's custum column from cdata table. Sometime output data from cdata table have a bugs.
    I dont know why it's happens
  • You might need to truncate the data in your cdata table and have the system regenerate it.
    Either way I will ping the devs to take a look at this thread.
  • Very welcome. :)
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