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Guest user contact info not saved to DB

I am running this version of OSticket:
MySQL 5.5.4, php 5.3.10, Apache 2.2.22
When a guest user creates a ticket the only contact information that is saved to the DB is the name and email address.
The phone number and one custom field I have defined are not saved to the DB.
How can I enable saving this information to the DB so ignite attached to the ticket?


  • I seem to recall that being a problem with that version.  You should probably upgrade to current.
  • I tried to upgrade to the current and it told me it could not upgrade my version.  I started another discussion about that issue.  I need a way to upgrade without losing my exiting data. Suggestions appreciated.
  • I have upgraded to v1.9.11 (c1b5a33) .  The issue is still the same, guest user contact info  like phone number and custom required fields are not being saved to DB.  This is either a bug or design choice??
  • It looks like this discussion may apply:

    Can anyone verify this issue is also found in 1.9.11?
  • This discussion may be closed.  The issue is resolved, I verified that phone information and custom fields are being saved to DB correctly for Guest users in 1.9.11
    The reason I thought it was not working is that the existing users had DB without info so new tickets still had blank fields. Testing with new guest user verified system is operating correctly. For existing users phone and customom info must be manually edited in user directory.
This discussion has been closed.