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Issue in Upgrading Osticket Installation

I Need to update Version osTicket (v1.9.1) to current (osTicket Core, v1.9.11), I have done the following things

Add upstream -- git remote add upstream

Fetch changes ("git fetch upstream")

Checkout to develop branch ("git checkout develop")

Merge with my changes in develop ("git merge upstream/develop")

Pushed code(include all tags) to my gitbug account

Pull all codes to my server

Deployed changes to document root through "php setup/cli/manage.php deploy -v /path to my os-ticket installation"

Run the update script, it shows "Upgrade Completed!"

But it shows current version as v1.9.7-140-g5788136 (5788136)

I run the command "git describe", it display "v1.9.11-11-g5788136"

I can see tag v1.9.11 in my git hub account.

But system still shows version as v1.9.7-140-g5788136 (5788136)

Kindly share your ideas

Thank you


  • I would recommend only downloading and installing the official archives from

  • edited July 2015

    Thank you for your reply, I have identified the issue.

    When I fetch code from git, I didn't pull the git tags too before deploying changes to document root , this is the key.

    The issue I have faced is described below. 

    1) The upgrade process will happen based on the constant "THIS_VERSION" in bootstrap.php

    2) This constant is set by php installer (php setup/cli/manage.php)

    3) The installer get the value by running "git describe" (this is why we need to pull git tags as well)

    4) Unfortunately  I didn't pull git tags before I deploy changes to document root.

    By the way kindly describe how can we upgrade osticket version from archives.

    I did upgrade the way I described in the first comment because I found an article
  • version numbers are different, but the proceedure hasn't changed.
  • edited July 2015
    Thank you for your response.

    So how can we track custom changes?

    So how can we use this article
  • Q: So how can we track custom changes?
    A: That would really be a decision for your staff to make, but you could always use github.
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