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auto close resolved tickets after 3 days

Hi, I was wondering if there is a feature to automatically close resolved tickets after 3 days.
Is the a scheduled task I can run from windows schedule task manager to close all tickets that were set to resolved status 3 days ago.

Many thanks

Johnny B


  • You'd need to make a script that checks the ticket status and the age of a ticket which then runs via scheduled tasks to do this. And no, there is currently no solution built-in / shipped with osTicket to do so.
  • Would you know what would be the SQL to do this direct on the Database ?

  • No, but my approach would be to look at the ticket closing function, export it to a script and then code another query for the status / 3 days time span.

    I know that's not the answer you hoped for, but that's all I can advise.
  • have been playing.

    Update MY_ticket.ost_ticket set status_id = 3 where status_id = 2 and DATEDIFF(now(), updated ) > 3; 

    Just need to put this is a script now and schedule it.

  • edited June 2015
    I think this SQL is better:

    *** change ost_DB to the ost database name.

    use ost_DB;
    update ost_DB.ost_ticket 
    inner join ost_ticket_status on ost_ticket.status_id = 
    set ost_ticket.status_id = 
    (select from ost_ticket_status where like 'closed')
    where like 'resolved' 
    and DATEDIFF(now(), ost_ticket.updated ) > 3; 

    I am going to schedule this with windows task scheduler. the command to schedule is:
    mysql -hlocalhost -uthe_userid -pthe_password < The_sql_File.SQL > the_output_File.txt

    I am thinking it would be good to have a feature in OST that allows you run SQL command on a schedule.

    If anyone else uses this I'd appreciate feed back.
  • Looks really good! Won't need it myself, but thank you for sharing! :)
  • You're welcome
  • Does this still work in 1.10.1?

    I'm trying it out and it runs just fine, but it doesn't seem to be affecting anything in my ticketing system or database.

    I also get no output into my log file.
  • There is now a third-party plugin which can do this.

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