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Email Banlist

Hi community,

we are using osTicket v1.9.3 and we're having trouble with email banlisting. We use our google account to fetch emails from the customers and we didn't setup any filter or banlist, but we have currently 263 emails in the banlist which my be automatically added by osTicket. Also, removing an email from the banlist doesn't work as at the end of a ticket opened by a banlist removed email we see "Email is in banlist! Must be removed before any reply/response".

Our questions are:

- How does osticket manage emails to be included automatically in the banlist?
- Why the ticket shows the email is in the banlist althought we already removed it?

Thanks in advance for your support.


  • 1.9.3 is old at this point.  You should consider upgrading.

    I'm not aware of any automatic process that adds emails to the banlist.  I'm of the opinion that this can only be done by staff.
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