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[resolved] Remove or disable "Dashboard" tab in Staff Control Panel !!!

Hi All,

I need remove or disable "Dashboard" tab on Staff Control Panel and this should be applied for all Agent Staff not for main Admin.

Mohan K.

Version Info.
osTicket - v1.9.8
OS - CentOS 7.0


  • You would need to edit the /include/class.nav.php.
    circa line 116.

    $this->tabs['dashboard'] = array('desc'=>__('Dashboard'),'href'=>'dashboard.php','title'=>__('Agent Dashboard'), "class"=>"no-pjax");

    I'd try commenting out or removing that line.
  • Thanks lot ntozier, I've done the change by commenting the line.

    Mohan K.

    Pls. Close the discussion. 
  • Very welcome! :)
This discussion has been closed.