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users organisation is blank

Hi, we have experience a problem where we cannot edit a organisation. Only one organisation is having this problem.
So from Users > Organisations I click the offending org and the page is played. when I try to then edit the Org by clicking its name i get the loading message and the background greys out and then nothing. 

I cannot remove users from orgs either.

Has anyone else see this behaviour


  • I guess no one else has seen this then.

    I Created another organisation  and had to edit the tables in the database to move the users from the old org to the new org. The new Org works fine.

    I will leave the old org there but wont use it.

    I may delete the org at some stage.

    Still would be interested in knowing if anyone else has seen this.
  • I'd recommend that you update to current. 1.9.8 was just released and 1.10 will be out soon.
  • yeah I am about to do that - just put it on our test system 
    seems an easy upgrade.

    I was about to get the report add on but that is not certified with 1.9.8
    do you know any good reports add ons ?
  • The only report add on / mod that I know of is ScottRo's (sudobash).
  • The reports mod works with 1.9.7, as 1.9.8 was just recently released I haven't had a chance to install it yet and test but more than likely it will already work.  I'll test it out this weekend.
  • Thank you for that.
    Much appreciated

    Johnny B
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