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Add Resolution to ticket upon closing

Hello all,
One thing that has kept me from updating over the past couple years is that my company requires a resolution upon closing a ticket for reporting on (I built this for 1.7, but it was a couple hours work which I didn't have time to do again).

I finally hammered it out again for 1.9.7 so I could finally update and I documented it this time so I could share (and make further inclusions a little easier).  
This will allow you to add any resolution you want and require that a resolution be chosen to close a ticket.

(NOTE: this mod touches a LOT, make sure you backup your work first before attempting)

I have attached to this thread the zip file you will need for step 1

In the end, it will touch the following existing files (if you want to open them up ahead of time):
1. bootstrap.php
2. ./include/
3. ./include/class.nav.php
4. ./include/class.ticket.php
5. ./include/staff/templates/ticket-status.tmpl.php
6. ./include/staff/
7. ./scp/css/scp.css
8. ./scp/js/scp.js
9. ./scp/tickets.php

Hope this mod helps someone!

I didn't see my zip file after posting - so it can also be found here:


  • As an FYI this feature is actually due out in the next version 1.9.10 which should be out soon.
    (the actual feature lets you specify that you need to populate a custom field before a ticket can be closed... so you could use it for resolution, or have required fields [such as those not populated easily for tickets created via email]).
  • Awesome - thanks! I'll have to check that out when it comes out.  That would save me a tremendous amount of time on upgrades in the future (this was always the biggest one to hold me back from upgrading because it was more time consuming)
  • @ntozier
    I recently installed OSTicket v1.9.11 . I need a "Root Cause" field (drop down). 
    I have made the "RootCauses" list then added that list to the "Ticket Details" with "Required for Agents" for visibility.
    This is not having the desired results. This forces the agent to select a root cause to create a new ticket or edit an existing ticket's details. 
    What I want to happen is validate that field has a value when an agent tries to close  the ticket. 

    Thank you in advance,
  • @brentb If you are having an issue please start your own thread instead of hijacking someone else's.
    you made the field required.

    Go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> click on your form.
    Click on the Config button for the field that you want to require to close.
    Click on the Settings tab.
    check Data Integrity [ ] Required to close ticket.

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