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Filter for not sending out ticket alerts

I had an idea to have all emails to certain addresses pipe into OSTicket, as well as forward on to the actual recipient. However, when emails pipe into OSTicket, automatic Ticket Alert emails get sent out. Now, I'd like those automatic tickets to be sent out only when emails piped through our normal support email address capture a message, but not when any other.

What aspect of OSTicket will allow me to control the New Ticket Alerts? Now, I know about the Alerts and Notification settings as well as the ticket filter settings, and I tried to make filters that would address this issue, but I think New Ticket Alerts get triggered before filters? 


  • I have no idea what version that is, so I can't really help you.

    Emails piped to osTicket will result in tickets being made, updated, etc.
    If you want alerts to not be generated, then you need to shut off alerts in Admin panel -> Settings -> Autorsponder.  Or the department level.  Or make a filter to suppress them.  Although I think Filters only work on new emails.
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