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Option to disable end-user emails / how to not send emails externaly

We use our ticketsystem only internal
is it possible to register users/customers but not send them anything.
maybe we will use that option in the future, but for now, we only want to use it internal


  • edited April 2015
    When you create and register a new user, just remove /uncheck the option to send a mail to the user.

    Add new user: Agent Panel > Users > Add new user

    Register user: Agent Panel > Users > "Username" (e.g. John Doe) > Register


    Then you can set a password (which you need to tell the user) instead of sending an email.
  • Thanks for the help!

    how can we make sure they will not get any status updates etc.
    with the config we have now, when we update something in the ticket, osticket sends a update

    is it possible to make osticket not send anything to users only to agents
  • You can disable all the autoresponder settings under Admin Panel > Settings > Autoresponder.

    Additionally, when you answer a ticket from an end user select "Do not email reply" from the dropdown list:


    As an alternative you can also edit the source code, so that "Do Not Email Reply" is the default selection. Therefore take a look at the file "include/staff/" in your osTicket directory. (Search for "Do not email reply" to find the correct lines of code in that file)
  • perfect! i will test this! 
    Thanks for  the quick reply!
  • What do i need to edit to make it standard 

                        # XXX: Add user-to-name and user-to-email HTML ID#s
                        $to =sprintf('%s &lt;%s&gt;',
                        $emailReply = (!isset($info['emailreply']) || $info['emailreply']);
                        <select id="emailreply" name="emailreply">
                            <option value="1" <?php echo $emailReply ?  'selected="selected"' : ''; ?>><?php echo $to; ?></option>
                            <option value="0" <?php echo !$emailReply ? 'selected="selected"' : ''; ?>
                            >&mdash; <?php echo __('Do Not Email Reply'); ?> &mdash;</option>
                if(1) { //Make CC optional feature? NO, for now.
  • when i disable "post-reply" / it looks like it will not send anything, we can just keep everything internal :-) 
    tjanks so far for the help you gave me
  • I found a workaround for this in order to set the default To address as do not reply but maintain the option to send to the user if required.

    I edited /includes/staff/

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