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Import attachment file

Hi all!
I have a php script that imports tickets from our old ticket system.
The script includes "" and uses the function from Ticket class.
The files I want to "connect" to the tickets and osTicket are on the same server.
I have installed and activated this plugin: Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem.
I want to insert these file using the backend created by the plugin (F) but without upload files with a POST call (just giving the path).
I was unable to find the right function from the classes contained in these file: class.attachments.php, class.file.php;
can you suggest me the right function?

osTicket version is



  • Have you taken a look at /include/class.attachment.php?

    note: that's totally a guess.
  • Yes,
    in class.attachment.php file I found the GenericAttachments class that has a couple of useful methods: upload and save.
    the upload function takes two parameters:
    1. (array) $files - it's an array of associative arrays with key "id" and "inline"
    2. (bool) $inline - I don't understand what "inline" means here but I have found it also in the ost_attachments table of the db.

    The save function it's quite the same but it takes only one file (with "id" and "inline").

    I don't know how can I use these methods without an id.

    Now i'm looking into include/class.file.php and maybe I've found the right function

  • So,
    in include/class.file.php I've found the save method of the AttachmentFile class. This method create a record in the ost_file table with the default backend (in my case the one created from the Filesystem plugin).
    I've tried and it works but now, how can I attach this file to the ticket?
    the things I have are the file id and the ticket object.

    There is the save method of the GenericAttachments class that could do what I want (partly) but I need to instanciate the object before I can use this method.
    The constructor take the "object id" and "type" but I don't know where I can get this informations
  • Ok, I resolved.
    After the insertion of the file in the database (ost_file table) with the method save of the AttachmentFile class I had to get a message of the ticket and then use the saveAttachment($file_id) method of the ThreadEntry class.
    here is the code:
                    $file_path[$k] = "path/to/file.txt";
                    $finfo = new finfo(FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE);
                    $type = $finfo->file($file_path[$k]);
                        'size' => filesize($file_path[$k]),
                        'name' => basename($file_path[$k]),
                        'data' => file_get_contents($file_path[$k]),
                        'type' => $type
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