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Importing customers data and tickets details from another platform

Hello everyone,

I am looking fro advice.
I need to import hunreds of tickets from another ticketing system to isTicket.
So far I could extract the database to csv and convert it to excel for convenience.
I have to separate files - one with customers details and another one with all ticket related details.
What would be the best way to import those tickets into osTicket system?
Any hints?


  • edited April 2015
    There is currently no import/export feature.

    You would have to manually import the data to the MySQL database (requires some knowledge about the osTicket database structure) or re-create all the tickets when you'd like to have them in osTicket.
  • edited April 2015

    requires some knowledge about the osTicket database structure
    I know there is no import feature, so was expecting writing a script to insert the data into osTicket and I know it requires some knowledge about osTicket database structure which I am lacking.
    So I would appriciate any bit of help here.
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