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Agent New Ticket Page - Autofill User Information


I am currently running osTicket 1.9.4, and wanted to autocomplete the User Information form found in /staff/, which is the Agent Panel -> Ticket -> New Ticket page.

I know exactly where I need to edit the php file's form, however I need to access the name and email address values for the agent that is currently logged it. This would allow them to simply close the pop-up box and start entering Ticket Information and Options.

If someone could kinda point out how to access these individual agent attributes I would greatly appreciate it!


  • So, do i understand that correct, that you always want the end user account of the current agent to be filled in as the ticket owner when an agent creates a new ticket at the agent panel?
  • Yes, currently the agents only want to fill out a ticket under their own name/email instead of getting the name/email of whomever talked to them, as usually it is simply in passing in the office that someone mentions the issue.
  • You'd have to modify the osTicket source code to achieve this, since it's not possible via an UI option.
  • Yes I understand that I need to modify the source code. I was hoping someone knew how to access the agent properties in the /staff/ file.

    My assumption is that it is something like $ and $ to access the information on the currently logged on staff member (agent).
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