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[resolved] which table contains closed tickets

edited March 2015 in General Discussions
Hi, who can help me. My problem is I have not found which table contains closed ticket. As I know in the `ost_ticket_event` table there is events relating to closed tickets but it is not contains the employees who really closed the ticket. I also know about `ost_ticket` which is contains infromation about all tickets, but it also do not contains information about employees who really closed the ticket.

Thank in advance for any advice and sorry for my english!



  • You are almost at the right place ;)

    All the info is basically in the ost_ticket table.

    First you need to look for all ticket with the status_id = 3
    (see ost_ticket_status table --> status id 3 = closed tickets)

    Second, take the staff_id (e.g. staff_id = 8 ) from the ticket to see who closed it. Look up the agent's staff_id in the ost_staff table (e.g. staff_id 3 --> Agent "John Doe").

    You're done :)
  • I was inattentive. Required data was in `ost_ticket` in column `number`.  The problem was that I thought that ticket_id show ticket number (( 

    In any way, thank you very much for your answer!
  • Very welcome.

    Shall I close this thread and mark it as resolved?
  • Yes, you will. Thank you.
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