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Can an agent open proactive tickets?

I'm new of OSTicket.

Is it possible for an agent to open a proactive ticket to reporting something like and incident seen ny a monitoring system?

I've seen that an agent open can open a ticket on behalf of a user with the first note that appears to be created as a issue coming from the user and not a signalling coming from an agent.

Looking at the database I've seen that if I change a field concerning user in the ticket notes table is it possibile to change the owner of the first note, this is obviously unpractical, but is a proof that changing something it should be possibile to open proactive tickets.



  • Yes agents can open tickets for any reason.
    But you could just have the monitoring system send an email to your ticket email and open it automatically. (that's what we do)
  • Yes, I've seen that is possibile, but the first note (opening message) appears to be created from the user and not from the agent.

    In other words, if the style used for cient pages uses box with two color, one for agents and one for users, the first message has the color and the style class of the user and not of the agent.

  • Yes the first comment in the thread is always as written by the agent for the user.
    Tickets get open for users.
  • Have you any idea to modify code in order to make possible to create the first comment as written from the agent?

  • No idea. 
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