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claim ticket and respond via email

Running Debian 7 OST v1.9.5.1 Apache 2.2.22 MySql 5.5.41 PHP 5.4.36-0 My techs are in the field a lot. Often they can answer a question super quick on thier phones. Rather than have to login to a webpage is there a way to repsond to the ticket using email? I adjusted the templates so a new ticket isn't generated but I don't see it emailing to the client. I tried using filters but I kept generating a new ticket. I am pretty sure this is doable. So here is the question. After searching I didn't see any comment in the forums about this. I am sure this has been brought up before. Can you point me to a forum post or to a location that would discuss this in more detail? Or perhaps there is just a setting I am missing.


  • Q: is there a way to respond to the ticket using email?
    A: Some one posted how to do this on the forums again recently.

    Q:  Can you point me to a forum post or to a location that would discuss this in more detail?
    A: I looked for the post but couldn't find it.  I guess my search fu is weak today.
    There are at least several posts that talk about how to do it.  But I can't seem to find them.

  • edited February 2015
    I think I found it or at least one of them. piping won't be an option as my imap mailbox that I am using for tickets is load balanced. So a single IP isn't an option However there is promise. I will update the templates accordingly. I have a question regarding the filters. I want to automatically assign the task to the field tech that responds. Which rules matching criteria would you suggest or even a custom form so that... agent responds capture the email address - auto-assign the ticket. I am presuming that user/email address is for the client not the agent. is that correct?
  • I'm not sure if you can do that (as I've never tried).  
    We predominantly use the web ui to answer tickets.
    I would play with ticket filters though and see if you can't get it to work the way that you want to.
    Heck it might make the basis for a nice article that could also help other people.
  • on a side note... how does one enable piping? just put the script in the API folder and adjust accordingly? is there a setting that I should flag?
  • Directions for piping are located in the wiki.
    I don't using piping.

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