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How can I add a field for a Internal Note

I need add more specify fields like time for thoose kind of notes.Is it posible? I have a specific form for the creation of tickets but I don't know if I can create something like this for it.


  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details
    Add as many fields as you desire.

  • Thanks but I need add fields in the case that I mark :S Is it posible?
  • Sorry but your statement makes no sense to me.
    You can add as many fields to ticket details as you want above the red box in the blank boxes with the + to the left of them.

  • I know that I can add fields above the box but I need  add it in the Post Internal notes. Sorry for my bad english. If you nedd more explications no worries. Thanks for all
  • The form system does not allow for fields to be added down there. (as those are forms for posting replies, Internal notes, transfer and re-assign)
  • do you know how can I add a form for Post Internal notes?is it posible?
  • Q: do you know how can I add a form for Post Internal notes?
    A: you cannot do that using the UI.

    Q: is it posible?
    A: Yes, but it would require you to edit the core source files.
  • ok, thanks for your time
  • You are very welcome.
    Should I close this thread?
  • how can I do it? Sorry, I'm newbie  in this forum :S
  • You can't, which was why I was asking to make sure that you wanted it closed.
  • No worries. Close it. Thanks
This discussion has been closed.