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[resolved] Search with partial keywords

Hi all,

It looks like with osticket version 1.9.4 above, the partial keyword function has been removed? In osTicket v1.9.3, if I search for "cert", it will come back with both "cert" and "certificate". Right now I have to type "certificate" to get all result with certificate and if I just type "cert", it will only return result with "cert".


  • That is the same behavior that I am seeing in my own installations.
  • Unfortunately I can also confirm this behavior, so hopefully with the Advanced Search 2.0 it will be possible again to search for partial keywords.
  • Hi all,

    It looks like you can search partial keywords using * sign! So if you type *cert* it will gives you the results. Should be in the manual somewhere :D
  • Hi @ntozier and @Chefkeks, the new update 1.9.6 has fixed the problem. Thank you guys for your help.
  • Very welcome. :)
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