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Why tickets are having duplicate attachments ?

I have installed new Osticket on my site and have linked a support email with Osticket via piping for tickets to be generated.

But when user emails with attachments are received, duplicate attachments are seen in the generated ticket. ( Noticed that 2 keys are generated for the same attachment ; see screenshots at the end) Why is it ? 

Note - The email is showing only one attachment

Where are the attached files sent by the users stored by default ?

Please help




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    O.k. This issue is with Gmail especially. I tested with Yahoo and rediffmail. There is no problem if mail comes from yahoo and rediffmail account.

    Can anyone tell if they are also facing issue with Gmail or any other mail please ?

    Another issue which I am receiving (again with Gmail) is that the users are not getting autoresponse outgoing mails even though I tested the outgoing setting with the setup provided. There were no errors during upgrade even.

    I am linking the webmail with Osticket via piping., Mail Sending in settings is showing via PHP mail function, Php version is 5.4.35 , Mysql version is 5.5.40 , Operating system is Windows 7
  • Since I have no idea why it only appears to not work with gmail, do you have the possibility to switch to SMTP and POP/IMAP and cron job / scheduled task to receive/send emails instead of PHP mail function and piping?
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    Thanks for responding. 

    I had earlier enabled the SMPT and autoresponse is working fine with SMPT. 

    Now, I have also enabled IMAP in the OsTicket setings but that is not fetching the mails at all.

    My server has limited Cron support, so cannot use Cron.

    Moreover, to setup email piping is much simpler.

    On testing I found that this problem is there in versions 1.8 and above. 

    Also, on clicking on the ticket attachment, the attachment does not download like it used to in versions 1.7 and earlier but they open up in the browser. That will mean extra work for the staff.

    I wonder if I have to use the version 1.7 instead of higher versions because version 1.7 is not having these problems.
  • >> My server has limited Cron support, so cannot use Cron.

    If you cannot schedule and run cron.php then you cannot use IMAP/POP.  They require cron to be run to fetch messages.
  • edited February 2015
    Yes, Ntozier, you are right that I am unable to use Cron/IMAP etc.

    For me, best optoin is email piping and php mail. But that seems to give duplicate attachment in Gmail in versions 1.8 and above

    Anyone have any solution for the duplicate attachment issue ?
  • I use STMP without enabling any cron. Does auto-cron work here ?
  • Ntozier, Chefkeks, 

    After upgrading, where are the attachments stored ? I mean which table in database and which folder.
  • Q: After upgrading, where are the attachments stored ?  I mean which table in database and which folder.
    A: ost_file and ost_file_chunk.  They are not stored in the file system unless you use the plugin "Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem".

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