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ldap Batch import

Alright, I got OSTicket going yesterday on our LAMP server and LDAP plugin going, it is working just fine as I am able to create agents etc. pulled right from our AD login/auth etc... - Good and good.

I want to set the Ticket system so users cannot register as this will be internal only so I would like to add all existing users into OSTicket database so they can simply login. I am able to go into "Agent Panel" > "Users" and (Add User) however this appears to be one at a time I have over 450 users! I noticed the CSV method via "Import" but it appears that wouldn't pull the AD info? I did test one user ( Went into "Manage Account" - It wanted me to "Register" the user and select Local or LDAP Auth). For Authentication Sources, before that user was registered and not "Guest"

Is there a work around to this or is this a horrible task I will have to assign my level 1 team?

Thank you,



  • Agent panel -> Users -> Import.

    You will need to export your users from LDAP/AD into a csv.
  • Thanks for the reply, this is what I get once I try to import our list

    First Line: Unable to map header to a user field

    Not sure what that error means? this is how the CSV looks:

    (First 3Lines),UserFirstName UserLastName,UserFirstName UserLastName,UserFirstName UserLastName
  • You appear to be missing some fields.

    I think that you need the first line

    Email,Name, Phone, Notes,UserFirstName UserLastName, 123-123-4567,

  • I am having the same issue as well.
  • @jferrand11 if you are having an issue please start your own thread.
    This thread is from Feb 2015.
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