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Request ability to Transfer and Reassign a ticket from the Edit screen

I would like to suggest adding the ability to Transfer a ticket to a different Department, and the ability to Reassign a ticket to a different Team or Agent, on the Edit screen. 

Currently I can edit the User, Ticket Source, Help Topic, Issue Subject, Priority Level, select a new SLA Plan and set a Due Date all from the edit screen, but the Department Transfer and Agent/Team Assignment options are on their own tabs within the ticket thread are the only 2 things not on this screen.

Often times when we have a ticket received with the wrong help topic selected, we need to go in and edit that information, but that means we also need to reassign it to the correct Department, and Agent/Team, which current requires 3 different steps to do, creating 3 different internal notes on something that really could all be done on the same one.


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