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fire assignement event in plugin

hi, i'm using v. 1.9.4

i'm trying to fire a cURL call when a determined assignement is made, but i can't find the appropiate signal.

i saw that
Signal::connect('model.created', array($this, 'onTicketCreated'), 'Ticket');
works for when a new ticket is created

is there a signal for when one from Staff is assigned to the ticket?

tried model.updated, but won't work :(


  • At the moment, no. This is the main reason we have yet to publish information on the plugin system. For the time being, you could just add the signal in the Ticket::assignToStaff method:

    $info = array('agent' => $staff);
    Signal::send('ticket.assign', $this, $info);

    Hopefully in the not-too-distant future, we'll have a far more complete list of signals to allow for better interaction with the software.

  • understood.
    thanks, Jared
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