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1.6.0. stable - download

Sorry to pull the question again, and I know it's been "resolved and closed" before ( ) but I have a pretty much same situation. We've got old installation of 1.6.0 stable, with modifications done through the years, but there is no original setup to compare to.

I've found some downloads, including the one that is being pointed to in the "resolved" thread, but these downloads are all different one from another, and all of them have files modified after February 9th 2010, which was the release date of 1.6.0 stable.

So if anyone at all has 100% original files for 1.6.0 stable, dated February 9, 2010, I'd be most grateful for upload / link.

For example, another download here: (tar.gz, MD5 matches some values found on web, but none of the sourced official)
- when I unzip this tar.gz and compare it to unzipped file from they _mostly_ match... "upload" folders are same, but tar.gz has few more files by it (scripts/automail, licence, readme). But both have for example:
- open.php from 2010/02/17
- scp/admin.php & tickets.php from 2010-02-10
- include/ from 2010/02/25
... etc... Could be just an error with date/time of those files, but osticket_1.6.0.tar inside gz archive also says 2010-02-25 ... so I'm not sure if it's some version after stable, or have users modified those files themselves, and so on... Sorry for adding confusion about such an old version, but it's important to me to accurately determine all the changes before upgrading further


  • I think @ntozier has the original files on his homepage to download, just grab them here:

  • That's just the file I've looked at, and got it through the closed thread (I'd reply there but couldn't, obviously).

    That archive has some files dated AFTER the release date, so I'm not sure if it's really original or was it slightly modified by someone.

    I can see @ntozier is both website owner and a mod here, obviously part of the team, so if he confirms that's untouched 1.6.0 stable, I'll use that file. I'd just appreciate the confirmation :-/
  • I haven't look at it for a while... but it should be the original files. 

    note: Although it looks like I re-created the archive (as the scripts folder is missing).
  • OK, I'll use the version from as that one seems to be the "more" original package, and files in upload folder match those from your archive...
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