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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Reports 7.0


Reports 7.0 is just around the corner, however, I'd like to take some time first and see if there is anything new people would like added.  So - how would you like to see the reporting module improved?

Hit me back and I'll see what I can do to get it added.


  • Does this have something to do with osTicket? If so, it's news to me.

  • I had to click on the users profile, then click on discussions to see if there was anything previously posted by him about this as this post is lacking in any real information.

    Found this:

    So yes it looks like an interesting add on to OST.
  • The Reports Mod by [forum member] Scottro is the premier and pretty much staple reporting mod for osTicket for several years now (Since v1.6ST).  scottro is a long time forum member and used to be quite active in the community, although his activity level has dropped off quite a bit. :)
  • Hi scottro! A report I can think of is one a little complex. It could report how long takes to resolve groups of tickets (divided by ranges - not by average).

    It should have filters options of
    date (xx to xz)
    agent (one selected or all)
    client (one selected or all)
    help topic (one selecte or all)
    $ranges should be configurables in the report settings tab
    (something like this:
       Range1 From (data field for admin to fill here) to (data field for admin to fill here)
       Range2 .... and so on - 5 ranges its a good number)

    When filters are applied
    From xx date to xz date
    For all agents
    For all clients
    For all Topics
    There are 100 tickets

    The report should resolve how much time passed from "created" events to "closed" events
    Then it check the range options and put every one into the correct one

    10 were closed in the first 15 minutes (0 - 15 minutes / defined by $range1)
    25 were closed between 16 and 30 minutes (16 - 30 / defined by $range2)
    40 were closed between 31 and 60 minutes (31 and 60 / defined by $range3)
    15 were closed between 61 and 120 minutes (61 and 120 / defined by  $range4)
    10 were closed between 121 and more minutes (121 and 9999 / defined by  $range5)

    I do know It's a complex report, but it's a good one. Hope you like it!

  • A feature we have a request for, is to not include off-business hours in time to act and close time. We work a 8-5 M-F schedule so any tickets put in Friday evening don't get looked at until Monday. Our SLA shows as overdue by the time we get in and shows our response time as three days! Our customers are all internal so weekend tickets are rare, but tickets we get on Friday that don't get resolved have three extra days tacked on. Would be nice to allow for business hours in the report.

    Sounds a bit complicated, but wishful thinking I suppose.
  • Sorry all, for some reason I didn't get the notifications of any of your posts.  I'm working on Reports 7.0 so I'll be updating the post with more information in the coming weeks.  I'll see what I can do to get some of these additions added in as well and make a note to get the rest if/when possible.
  • edited March 2015
    Hi scottro, 
    is it possible to add 'Days to resolution (AVG)' into the report type 'Tickets per Help Topic'.
    Ex. : 
    We have a 'ERP Bug' Help Topic, and i want to know how many days our dev teams need to resolve.

    P.S. : sorry for my english, i'm french.
  • I'll make a note of it and see if I can get it added in!
  • Hi Scott, 

    A really FANTASTIC report would be to know the state of of the ticket at that moment. 


    Is the ticket waiting for rely "Pending External Response" or waiting for the consultant to respond " Pending Internal Response"
  • Hi Scott!

    One thing I end up doing manually in excel that would be awesome to have built in would be category comparison between two time frames. For example:
    During 2013, our total "Printing" topic tickets were x, this year, they were y.

    A graph showing all categories compared between two time frames would also be really powerful for deciding where to spend resource (growing trouble topic, etc).


  • It would be great to be able to generate a report on any data within the ticket even the custom form data as well. This may already be a feature but I'm just posting here in case it is not.

  • Reports 6.6 for osTicket 1.9.7 is now available! No updates other than compatibility and some behind the scenes code changes - those will all be worked on for the next release!
  • Hi scottro, is it possible to add 'Days to resolution (AVG)' into the report type 'Tickets per Help Topic'. Ex. :  We have a 'ERP Bug' Help Topic, and i want to know how many days our dev teams need to resolve. Regards, P.S. : sorry for my english, i'm french.
    I'm looking into this one now :)
  • hi scorrro i want report 7.0. how to get it
  • I don't think that it has been released yet.
    @scottro am I correct about that?
  • Hi @scottro 
    I haven't used your mod yet, but once 7.0 comes out I am keen to get a copy. 

    Looking forward to it!
  • Definitely watching for the 7.0 release...  We may be interested.  :)
  • Can't wait...I sent you an e-mail Scottro but didn't get a response.  What's a good e-mail address?  I would like to donate and get your assistance.
  • I want to insert links to the ticket_id when export csv file. How can do it, thank you :D
  • Sorry for the lack of replies everyone, my email box gets flooded with osTicket emails and it's difficult to find the ones that actually apply to me. It sounds like people are very interested in version 7.0 so I'll double up my efforts on it and see if I can't get it out sooner rather than later.


  • Any update on this mod ? Also can the latest current version (6.xx) work with osticket v1.9.8.1?
  • Latest version is now available.  

    Version 6.8 now includes "Tickets per Organization" and includes both Closed AND Resolved tickets.

    Thanks all!

  • Update 6.8.1: All reports now include "Time to Resolution"
  • Reports 7.0 is HERE!


    Time to Resolution for all reports
    THREE new reports!
    •  Tickets per Organization
    •  Tickets per Group
    •  Tickets per Team
    •  Control the color scheme on the reports page
    •  Default Report Type (automatically loads this report when the "Reports" link has been clicked)
    •  Default Report Time Range
    •  Quick Stats toggle (Easily show/hide quick stats)
    •  Default Email (Don't want to type in the optional email address each time? Set a default)

    View the demo here:
    demo_admin / reportsDemo



  • Is this mod freefree?
  • Is this mod free
  • Additional information including version pricing is available here:

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