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Mark as answered = Stuff

Hi, old version of my forum entry: Internal note => Mark as answered is not possible anymore in 1.9.4 for stuff ? Any idea how to solve it? /Simon


  • Understand what you want.

    For clarification:
    As department manager it is possible to mark tickets as answered / unanswered or overdue via the "more" button (which also contains "change owner", "manage forms", etc.) when you view a ticket. I also wondered about that some time ago, since I remembered that I did translate these terms in crowdin, but "accidentally" then found out, that it's only possible when you're the dept. manager.

    To get it also visible for stuff, you would need to modify the source code. Have a look at this file:

    Around Line 115:
    if($ticket->isOpen() && ($dept && $dept->isManager($thisstaff))) {

    I guess changing it to following should work (NOT TESTED !!!!):
    if($ticket->isOpen() && ($thisstaff->canEditTickets())) {
  • Ok, just noticed, you might need to change something here as well:

    Take a look at line 255 (and the following 30 lines) for the cases "overdue", "answered" and "unanswered":
    case 'overdue':
    if(!$dept || !$dept->isManager($thisstaff)) {
    $errors['err']=__('Permission Denied. You are not allowed to flag tickets overdue');
  • In 1.9.3. it was possible to add an internal comment and switch status to "Answered". Was available for all stuff without changing the php code. Why was this taken away?
  • edited November 2014
    Since I am not a developer and don't know it, I just can answer your question with the following adoption:
    1.9.4 introduced ticket statuses (open, closed, ...) and so the dropdown with the ticket flags (answered, unanswered, overdue) was replaced by the statuses and the flags got moved to the department managers' permissions.
  • This is still a useful post, even on version 1.9.16.
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