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osTicket (v1.8.1.2) Can't update ticket

When a user tries to update a ticket on the web page they get an error message saying: Unable to post the message. Try again

I've checked settings and I can't find anything that blocks users to not send on the web page.  If they reply by e-mail it works fine, has anyone had this issue before?


  • Any errors in the PHP log?

    Btw. is old which leads me to the suggestion that you should definitely consider an upgrade to the latest version.
  • Os ticket particular logs or apache logs?

    We have made some custom modified settings in osticket which will take some time to migrate over to a newer version so any updates would have to wait.  Although I don't see why that should stop replying to tickets via the web from working simply because it's an older version.
  • @Chefkeks specifically asked you if you had any errors in your PHP [error] log.
    You would also probably want to check your MySQL logs and Apache (webserver) logs to see if you can get more information than just "Unable to post the message. Try again".  Checking all those logs may provide us with an error message that is actually usable.

    Also , since you have modified your version of osT I would recommend that you
    1. back up your site and DB. 
    2. Install the stock version that your running now and see if you have the issue.
    If you do, then then you have ruled out your alterations as the cause.

    We always recommend upgrading to people who are not running current.  You should really consider upgrading to a newer version as that one is pretty dated at this point [there were also several security updates since then].
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