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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

merge/join two and more ticket into one



    Clean, Painless, Install into 1.9.6 and one of the most needed Functions 

    Thank You . .
  • Thank you dcbour, that is the best feature in osticket yet! been waiting for a long time for this! hopefully they will incorporate it into the installation package now! Thanks Again!
  • Hey Guys,

    first of all, thank you dcbour for the great work! I really liked the plugin, though missing the ability to merge on tickets from different addresses as will. I understand that changing the filter wouldn't be that easy, as the list might gets to big.

    I choose a different approch, by adding at text field for the possilbity to merge on any Ticket by simply typing in the number. I also added some error handling, so you can't mess things up by typing in a incorrect number.

    As your merge function uses the ID not the Ticket Number, I use the Ticket Number to get the ID. So if the Number isn't correct, there won't be an ID and therefore no update.

    The Ticket will get merged to the last choice, so if you select from the List the input will be cleared and vice versa.

    Maybe some of you guys like it also that way, feel free to give it a try :).
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  • Hi I don't see any thing its all empty I cannot see other tickets of the user etc and cannot select anything in the dropdown box

  • Dear we have tickets numbers like this 2015-4808, but when I key in the manual field it will delete the -
  • Hello there,  @dcbour , can I try this plugin with v1.9.7 ? Or should we wait for you to update it?.

    Thanks for this great plugin :) .
  • I tested it on 1.9.7 and it seemed to work perfectly.  I ran into conflict with another mod I use (ticket status) so had to restore those changed files from my backup, and may try to integrate the code separately if I get some free time.  I hope the devs will consider including such an option.  We get duplicates all the time and it is a pain to constantly manually copy/paste and/or notate tickets to refer to another ticket.

    I really like @trav suggestion to just have a "merge" button where you click a few checkboxes for multiple tickets and just have it merge them all into whichever one is the oldest.
  • Does anyone know if this works with 1.9.8 (stable)?
  • edited May 2015
    Hey Guys, .. feel free to give it a try :).
    Hi kr0k0f4nt,

    can you explain, what you change.
    I can't see a download-file to test it.

    Best regards

  • Dear we have tickets numbers like this 2015-4808, but when I key in the manual field it will delete the -
    Hi All,
    I've got this all set up, but I'm having the same problem as quoted. The drop down box appears empty. There's two tickets from the same address in the open queue, but i can't merge them.

    Any advice?

  • edited May 2015

    I updated the files of include and scp folders with new files available in file .

    Merge function is perfectly done, but  Admin control panel showing the ticket as overdue.
    I was trying to fix this problem to update the SLA , but its showing blank screen. .

    I am using v1.9.0 of osticket.

    Any suggestion will be highly appreciable.

  • Guys if anyone has modded this to work in 1.9.9 please can you share it please? 

    This is merging of tickets is such an important feature i don't understand why it's not being incorporated in the production releases, as everyone uses it. 
  • So question on this, my system using numbers and letters, and it seems to be removing the letters out of the merge ticket field, what code do i need to change for this?
  • Hi kr0k0f4nt

    Thank you for your mod, This is more what I need (the ability to :  " or Type in Ticket # " ), The problem that I am Having with this installation is I have quite a few mods and have to do the mods using WinMerge.

    Right now, I am getting a " No valid Ticket to merge " which pulls from scp/tickets-dsc1.php and I am not sure how to trace my error backwards. I am using standard numbering with current numbers, The present / Lastest Ticket number range 056723 , your comments on the page are check if is a real number (Maybe the "0" is a problem ? ) or could I have a problem with "TicketToID"

    Any Guidance or suggestions would be most welcome


  • Hi ganeshsharma,

    Thanks for the link you've posted. I just want to check as im a newbie here, on how to upload it to my helpdesk. Its currently installed on a Parrallel Plesk server. Please share some steps on how to do it.

    Thanks in Advance,
  • @erniemaja
    Re: "how to upload it to my helpdesk. Its currently installed on a Parrallel Plesk server."

    The same way that you originally uploaded the osTicket source to your
    Parrallel Plesk server originally.  You would need to consult the documentation or support for Parrallel Plesk server.
  • Is it possible to build a plugin? It would be better for upgrades?
    Thank you for your work!
  • Hi I meant,
    if this function won't be integrated direct in osTicket maybe it would be cool to build this mod as plugin instead hardcoded, so that it is "upgradeable"

  • Hello,

    anyone got the updated package for 1.9.12 ????
    Thanks for help
  • I need the updated package for 1.9.12 as well
  • Update for 1.9.12 would be great. Please give us some info about it.

  • edited April 2016
    Please, make this for the 1.9.12 version of osTicket :)
  • Yes that would be great for version 1.9.12
  • Yes please.
  • Any updates on this, waiting on update for 1.9.12
  • Following up
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