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Adding custom strings (i18n)


how can I add custom strings to a language-pack?




  • Do you mean change existing strings?
    Or add new ones?

    To change existing ones you would either make a custom language pack yourself or suggest alternative translations at

    If you mean add new ones entirely then you cannot at this time with out changing the source files.
  • OK, thanks, can you hint me, where to add some lines of code to read an additional, lets say ""? I guess one could easily define an array of strings => translations and merge this to the actual strings-array?


  • Nope.  I have never even looked at the code in the language packs and/or how it integrates with the rest of the project.
  • Just a FYI:
    It's planned to make it available to change strings individually in the future with phase 4 of the multi language project. Currently the multi language support is at phase 2 of 4. With individual changes is meant to e.g. change the word "ticket" to "flower". Does not help you right away, but as already said, it's just a FYI ;)
  • OK, thanks!
  • here's my solution:

    in class.translation.php add this to function load_tables() :
    if(file_exists(I18N_DIR .'custom_' .$_SESSION['__sn']['lang'] .'.inc')){
          $this->cache_translations += (include I18N_DIR .'custom_' .[lang] .'.inc');
    put a custom_[lang].inc file like this into your i18n-directory.

    if [lang] would be "de":
    $custom_de = array();
    $custom_de['Show mine only'] = 'Nur meine anzeigen';
    $custom_de['Est.'] = 'Gesch.';
    $custom_de['Edited on %s by %s'] = 'Bearbeitet am %s von %s';
    $custom_de['<b>%s</b> posted %s'] = '<b>%s</b> erstellt am %s';

    return $custom_de;
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