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Email reply not appear inside osTicket system


I am not sure if this feature is available or not. But I am facing a problem. Here I am explaining by example:

1. User create a ticket.
2. I am staff member and I receive email and also I can see the ticket inside my osTicket staff panel.
3. Now I reply via osTicket system to the user. Now the user receives email.
4. Than user replies to the email. User is not writing inside osTicket system but user replies via email.
4. Now I cannot see the reply inside osTicket system. I can receive email. So my other staff members cannot see.

I like to add the email reply to osTicket system. I set SMTP and POP settings but still not working.

Any help on this?


  • HAve you setup cron or Windows Task Scheduler to run the cron.php?
  • Hello,

    This is solved with latest version 1.10.1 so now you can close this discussion.

This discussion has been closed.