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How to create a user-defined status in osTicket?

I found that the status of a ticket can be Open or Closed. Can I define other status such as "In progress" in osTicket?


  • Not at this time.
    However the beginnings of that feature should be in 1.9.4 when its released.  So custom status is coming.
  • Until then, could use use ticket assignment as a "proxy" for "in progress"? That is, tickets that have been assigned or claimed should be assumed to be "in progress".  There's an option for the ticket queue to display only unassigned tickets.

  • When will be 1.9.4 version release?
  • I did say that the beginnings of that feature... I know if the final feature will be in it though.
    The release candidate is already out. When will the final be out?  When it's deemed ready.
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