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Escallation of an open ticket

Is there a way to escalate an open ticket from user side? For example, ticket is open by user, worked on by agent, but somewhere down the line falls into cracks. And agent because of workload do not pay attention on overdue ticket emails. Then user goes in and escalate the ticket but clicking on a button for escalation or something. Then agent gets email that is high priority saying that this ticket has been escalated by user. 
Is this something that exists already i just don't know how to turn it on, or is it some plugin i need to install for this option to be available, or this is something that has not been suggested at all and needs to be developed? 


  • There is no way to do this using the ui.
    However agents get notices when tickets are over due.
  • I agree, but all functionality is already there. You have option to set overdue, so email is sent automatically. You have ability to set priority (well it's not working correctly, but you can set it). So I assume it would not be a big deal to create a button that you can choose to make public or private, that when user logs in, hits the button next to the ticket that is called "Escalate" and ticket gets bumped one level higher in priority and email is sent automatically. As I said all functionality is already built in, just needs to be tweak a little bit. I don't know PHP language at all, but I am pretty sure for someone who knows this would not be a big deal.
    This is just a thought, and idea that's all, as I think ticket center should have this options, and it would be on you to choose if you want to use it or not. 
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