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Allow attached files without extension


I want to allow our users to attached to a ticket files without extension.
Is-it possible?

I do not want to allow everything.

Thanks in advance for your help,



  • Good question. I don't think so.

    I asked the devs about this and while I didn't get a yes/no response here's what I can share:

    v1.9.4 will ship with ability to accept attachments based on mime types in addition to file extensions. The setting are no longer global -  it's configurable as part of thread entry field.  We've also added FileUpload field type - meaning users can now add additional independent attachment fields and configure acceptable files types at the field level.
  • As a follow up the answer that you are looking for is yes.  You will be able to accept files by mime type.
  • Indeed I did not check that on my sandbox system.
    I installed v1.9.4RC2 on my sandbox and this feature is available.
    Really nice thanks.

    For interested peoples, below what will be possible in the next version.


  • Thanks for your help.
  • You're very welcome. :)
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