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http passthru



  • @chefkeks - Maybe you have the answer?
  • @Energy
    Not really. I'd suggest to take a closer look at the kerberos error message and find the solution. I know I struggled also with the kerberos stuff for a while and once I solved all errors on that end, other things (who also did not work) started working then, so my suggestion is to search the web and fix kerberos related stuff before trying to fix other issues like "Undefined index: REMOTE_USER in /var/www/index.php on line 18, referer: http://osticket/open.php" which I guess is related to kerberos since the authentication cannot be done correctly and so the REMOTE_USER var stays empty/unset.
  • I've followed the instructions in order to get SSO working with Apache, however I am getting initially prompted for the user/password upon arriving to website then automatically signed in (without having to enter credentials) when clicking "Sign In" or "Open new Ticket". What could I have misconfigured? Should this have anything to do with the placement of my .htaccess file? I am operating on CentOS 7, osticket v1.9.12, apache v2.4.6, and php v5.416. I successfully installed the LDAP plugin, which is working fine. Also if SSO is implemented how should I be able to access the agent/admin panel? 
  • Figured it out (:
  • Hi all,

    I'm using IIS with osTicket and I had to disable Anonymous authentication and make sure Windows Authentication is Enabled for the HTTP Pass Through plug-in to work.
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