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Language installation

I understood that the language packs are not compatible with version 1.9
So i now installed the version 1.8.5 and downloaded the French pack from
I installed it as found on the forum:
1. copy the file fr.phar in directory include/i18n
2. choose the language in my preference
I may select the french but there is no changes, I'm sill in US.
What did I wrong?


  • Re: "I understood that the language packs are not compatible with version 1.9"

    Then what you didn't understand is that you shouldn't be using them period, with any version.
    They are not ready.  They do not work the way that you want them to at this time.
    There will be an announcement when they are ready.
  • You need to use the developer preview to test french language. Aslo available at

    NOTE: The developer preview is to test new stuff like french language, not for productional use!
  • I have the same problem wint the es_ES translation. I can't put this language in my osticket.
  • @gbernabe
    Killing zombie thread with a head shot.
    This thread is from August 2014.
    you are having an issue please start your own thread, and post your
    system information following the posting guidelines located in this
    thread: Please read before requesting assistance.
    Closing old thread.
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